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0,33 L Apfelsaft BIO Apfelsaft trüb 0,33 L Multi-Star 0,33 L Orangensaft BIO Orangensaft

Apple Juice Clear 0.33 L (disposable)

100% fruit content

Apple juice is a fruit juice which is made by pressing apples. 1.5 kg apples will make about 1 litre of apple juice. Delicious Bertrams Apple Juice, 100% juice and, according to the law, free from preservatives and artificial colours, no sugar added.

Apple juice from apple juice concentrate

Crate contents 12 x 0.33 L

Art. no. 344 / EAN 4 002650 003444

Nutrition facts per 100ml:

Caloric value197 kJ/ 46 kcal
Protein0.1 g
Carbohydrate11 g
Sugar10.5 g
Fat0.007 g
Saturated fatty acids0.002 g
Fibres0.1 g
Sodium0.005 g
Apfelsaft 0.33 L