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Apple Juice Cloudy 0.75 L (returnable)


NFC (not from concentrate) juice is fruit juice which is filtered after pressing and ideally bottled immediately. If direct bottling is not possible, the juice will be stored in large sterile tanks, later it will be heated and then bottled. Delicious Bertrams Apple Juice Cloudy – NFC juice, a fresh delight – 100% natural - according to the law, free from preservatives and artificial colours, no sugar added.

Cloudy apple juice NFC, vitamin C

Crate contents 6 x 0.75 L

Art. no. 453 / EAN 4 002650 004533

Nutrition facts per 100ml:

Caloric value197 kJ/ 43 kcal
Protein0.1 g
Carbohydrate11 g
Sugar10.5 g
Fat0.007 g
Saturated fatty acids0.002 g
Fibres0.1 g
Sodium0.005 g
Vitamin C18 mg
Apfelsaft trüb 0.75 L